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Web 内容查看器 (JSR 286)

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Web 内容查看器 (JSR 286)


FSIS must approve all labels used on products produced by official establishments when those products are distributed in commerce. FSIS approves labels either through the sketch approval process or through generic label approval.

  • Establishments must obtain FSIS prior approval for labels of Siluriformes fish products before products may be marketed.
  • On September 1, 2017, all labels requiring FSIS approval must have a label approval on file.
  • Label approval is granted one of two ways:

    • Sketch approval by the Labeling and Program Delivery Staff (LPDS);
    • Generic approval by being in compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Only certain types of labeling on Siluriformes fish products require submission for evaluation by  LPDS (9 CFR 541.7(g), 412.1):

    Ballet Orly On Dusty ESPRIT Closed Blue Flat Bow Toe Slip Perforated Round Women's
    • labels for temporary approval  (e.g., change in product formula where ingredients listed are no longer in descending order of predominance);
    • labels for products for export with labeling deviations (e.g., nutrition facts panel in a format not permitted on domestic labels);
    • labels with special statements and claims (e.g., all natural” or “no antibiotics administered”).

  • Flat Ballet ESPRIT Closed On Perforated Women's Bow Slip Round Dusty Blue Orly Toe Many Siluriformes fish and fish products labels can be generically approved and do not need to be submitted to LPDS for pre-approval.
  • Establishments should submit labels that need sketch approval by LPDS during the 18-month transitional period.

Generic Label Approval
Generic label approval is labeling that is not required to be evaluated by the Labeling and Program Delivery Staff prior to use. 

Labeling Claims
FSIS provides claims guidance, policies, and inspection methods to protect consumers from economically adulterated meat, poultry, and egg products.

Label Submission and Approval System (LSAS)
LSAS is a web-based application that integrates and implements a secure electronic label application process for establishments to submit label applications and appeals.

Additional Labeling/Label Approval Information
Flat Round On Women's Toe Ballet Blue Orly Perforated Dusty ESPRIT Closed Slip Bow
Review additional information on labeling and the label approval.process.

Last Modified 1月 05, 2018